Saturday, September 15, 2012


The Nursery has begun!!

We decided in the beginning that we were not going to find out the sex, that we liked the idea of having a SURPRISE! I hated the idea, "What about my Nursery?" How am I going to pull together a fun creative nursery that is uni-sex? BORING!  But I am glad that I have not found out and with only 13wks to go I will know in no time!!! {I think it is a boy tho!} So this will be a work in progress . . . . With regular updates right here!

This was the room before we started . . . . 

{It was originally Miss M's room, {my stepdaughter, who stays with us every holidays and when ever we can arrange it.} but we moved her to another room a little bit further down the hall as you can see into this room from the kitchen which I like the idea of.}

Nice big 2m window.

The next job was deciding what colours to paint the walls . . . . . . . 
{I didn't think the pink would cut it if it is a little boy}

I was thinking a earthy green but when I went to Bunnings to get the paint, this gray also became a contender . . . . .  .

We decided it was a little dark and are going to go for the greens.
{I want to stripe a wall, so the right is 2 shades lighter}

I will add pics soon of the process and the finished walls!!

Here is a sneak peak to some of my 'FINDS' that Im going to add to the room . . . 

 These are the curtains I'm going to use from Ikea
{But I am going to add a bit of my own touch to them, Including some lining!} 

EIVOR - $14.95 Pair

Hutch from an Oppy for $20 

An Ikea Poang Rocking-chair that I got off gumtree for $40 
{I am yet to decide but I think I will cover the chair pad.}

Another Oppy find - $5!!

 And a $25 chest of drawers also from an Oppy!

I will keep adding to this post as the room progresses, Until then . . . . . Keep Smiling!

Tash :o)

Part 2 now ready . . . .HERE!

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