Saturday, March 3, 2012

My NEW sewing room chair . . . .

Oh how I LOVE chairs!

It is a standing joke now, that when ever I go OPPYing that I'm going to go home with a stray chair. . . {Unfortunately hubby doesn't see the need, but Shhhhhh he doesn't know about this one yet. hee hee}  But this time I did think, 'Where can I put you' before I bounded up to the counter with the biggest smile on my face to pay for my $8 {yes that is right} $8 chair. 
Oh how I LOVE chairs, Oh how I LOVE Oppy finds!!!!

The next Question was: "What to do with this chair"?, Then I stumbled upon Li'l Magoolie and her amazing blog and her monthly challenge:

Unfortunately I missed January: 

Add something yellow to your bedroom (or your kidlet’s)

and because I only found it on the 27th February I also missed February:

Paint an item of furniture in a colour that makes you happy!

So you could imagine how ecstatic I was to find that March challenge was:

Your challenge: Get crafty with the colour green

Yay! My chair fitted into all 3 months. {When I read February's challenge I already had the fabric and had planned on painting the chair white, but changed to yellow to fulfill the challenge. But I then missed the dead line {as it was only 2 days away}. So that is why I was sooooooo pleased that March was GREEN as, WALLA,  green seat cover.

I do plan on making more things GREEN as that was technically last months challenge so keep an eye out . . . . 

Anyway back to the chair, Here is how I did it.  

I took one plain boring chair . . . . 

{This is a comfy seat I must add - and no rips - Bonus!}

I sanded. . . .
Which was really easy as the varnish was flaking off anyway. If it wasn't then I would recommend using a varnish stripper like Kwik Strip {You can get it from Bunnings} I like this brand and I think it was one of the cheaper ones, but I think any Brand would be good.

Then I primed using Fiddly Bits from Bunnings $2.95 {This is what the paint guy recommended as he said the paint would come out brighter, but I think I would prefer a lighter undercoat as it took a few coats of paint to cover the dark gray. Though in saying that I'm sure if that was possible he would have recommended that ha!

One UGLY gray primed chair.

The paint I chose was Taubmans: Resplendent - {I took in my fabric sample to match it}
I only got a tester pot which was around $6

I covered the seat with the fabric and gun stapled underneath.
{It doesn't have to be fancy, no one will see under here.}

Yay a pretty covered seat .

I just popped the Seat {Bit, thingy} back in, I didn't even bother screwing it or anything as I don't think it will be going anywhere!

And WALLA . . . .  A spunky new chair for my sewing room!

Tash :0)

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  1. Wow that looks great. Would love this chair in our new bach/house when we build it. Love reading your blogs