Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Quit Sugar . . . . Wanna be!

This should be my mantra . . . . . .  

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I eat WAY to much sugar!

So, just recently I brought the I QUIT SUGAR book by Sarah Wilson. I am still breast feeding so wasn't to keen to go the full hog + the idea of cutting out sugar all together scared the hell out of me.  I have slowly come around to the idea of making a few of the recipes and well, just cutting down on my  sugar intake. {and surprising enough, I haven't eaten anywhere near the amount of chocolate that I normally would and am not even craving it.}

So this morning I have been baking {well freezing} up a storm. Next time around I need to tweek here and there to suit my taste.

These are the Chocolate Nut Butter Cups.
I made some with Almond Spread centres and some with frozen raspberries. They were super yummy, but next time I will put in less of the cacao. 

This is the Raspberry Ripple. 
Im not sure if I did something wrong, but it was very buttery and next time I will use a little less butter as I found it a bit over powering.  The Raspberry and choc part is awesome!  


You can find both recipes here.  {Don't laugh at my poor Raspberry Ripple when you see the amazing photo on there!} There is also a link to the Fudgy Protein Bites which I have also made and I think are my favourite yet!! 

Tash :) 

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