Friday, March 2, 2012

I love to make and give . . . . .

It all started with a $5 Plan Toys barn from the OP Shop.



I brought it because I saw the potential and who could pass up ANYTHING 'Plan Toys' with a $5 price tag! I throw around some ideas of what it could be. Stay as a barn,
Car garage {add a few painted parking spaces and a ramp} or,  maybe a Dollhouse.

It was a few weeks before I was heading up to Cairns to visit my sister and her family so I decided that I would convert it into a Dollhouse for my gorgeous niece Miss S.
So operation Dollhouse/Barn conversion began.

I stripped the paint {Only some parts were painted, the rest was varnished wood, which I decided to keep this way as I liked the mix of painted and unpainted wood.}
I used Kwik Strip from Bunnings, which i painted on, waited a few minutes and scraped off. It can be a bit tedious, but I wanted to paint with white and pink so thought it would be easier to cover if i stripped it back to wood.

I then painted the roof Fizzy Pink by British Paints and the others pieces White.
I nailed a peice of MDF {wooden sheet} to the bottom at the back to make 2 closed in rooms and 'wallpapered' some of the inside walls with scrap booking paper from Smudge and Sparkle Scrapbook Shop here in Ellenbrook, WA.

Paper on the walls on the left is American Crafts-Sophia Tuckett. and the pink is  Hummingbird - Flower

The plain yellow wall on the left is Bazzill Polka Dots and the patterned is Hummingbird - Feather

The aqua flower paper {which i LOVE} is Miss Nelly - Her Smile

The green paper is American Craft - Hello Sunshine - Breezy

Then to top off this little house that I feel in love with, I was at the same OP Shop a week later and found these for just $4. . . . . .

Perfect for little 3yr old fingers!

And here is the GORGEOUS GIRL playing with her new toy!

Tash :0)


  1. Beautiful! I just found your blog through a link on the Clothes Lime FB page and love it! What a lucky (and very cute) niece you have.