Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fact #1 {about the girl behind O.S.D}


I have this thing about chairs, if I see one on curb side trash, & see the potential . . . .  I HAVE to have it! If I see one in a second hand store, & see the potential . . . . . I HAVE to have it! 

I have a few NEW chairs and some 2nd Hand chairs oh and I also have a funky arm chair that was left in a rental that the real estate just 'wanted someone to come and get it', Guess who put her hand right up!!!!!!!! 

So here are some chairs currently in our home . . . . . 

The Real Estate Arm Chair
I loved this the minute I saw it, It currently has a home in our bedroom, but I think it might find it's way into the babies room {when there is one} as it is super comfy! {Unfortunately our cat Henry loves to scratch it so it has a few pulls now too.}

Dinning Chairs
The dinning table and chairs was a wedding present from my Dad and Step Mum. My husband actually picked them, unlike me and my chair fetish, I was swinging toward the brown chairs {nice safe option} but so glad now that we have the red as they are really cool.

Office Chair
This is my office chair, it is the SNILLE swivel chair from Ikea. Can get a little hard on the bottom so I usually add a cushion . . . . 

This chair was $5 from an Oppy, Unfortunately I don't have a before photo as this one got pulled apart, sanded {thanks hubby} and spray varnished and then I recovered the chair pads and we screwed it all back together. It's now nicely sitting in our kitchen/dining/lounge area and used every day, if not for a bottom then for my handbag!

OPPY Find #2

This was another Oppy find.  You can see how the 'Before'   became the 'After' HERE.
It's new home is now in my sewing room.

OPPY find #3
This chair currently lives in our shed, I am hoping to find a home for it before my hubby does another shed clean out and decides that we don't need another chair!!

Outdoor table and chairs.
This was free with the loved arm chair. When I went to pick up the chair they asked if I wanted a 4 piece table and chair set too. So I thought why not, we don't have an out door setting. I had all intention to paint it, and I do have the paint but have not got around to it in the last year. It also came with a glass top, but it has got a bit banged up now in the shed so probably won't put it back on. I will add to my to do list and add photo's once done.

And one little beauty . . .
{who was a curb side trash find and now lives in the house of a very special 8yr old girl!}

This little chair was sitting on the side of the road all alone! It now lives in the room of a 8 year old who uses it every day. It didn't once look like this I must add. {no before photo again sorry, I will be better at that from now on!}

It was silver and rusting and had this horrible orange {I wouldn't even call it orange anymore} fluffy {or fluffy} chair cover!
 So a sand, a bit of white spray paint, and a new FLUFFY white seat cover and it goes very well with {another O.S.D creation} don't you think?

Tash :0)

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