Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to applique leaves onto your curtains.

Here is the process of appliqueing the curtains. 

{If I had of thought at the time how long it was going to take me to sew around all the appliqued leaves I probably wouldn't have done so many, but I do LOVE them, so it was well worth it.}

I started with a set of Ikea Eivor Curtains;

Make a template of the leaves you want to applique.

I used baking paper and a fine tipped marker and traced around the leaves on the fabric.

Once you have traced around them, cut them out.

STEP 2: 
Choose your fabric.

I don't remember the name of this fabric, but I got it from Spotlight. I also used a red spots and red flower fabric for the berries/flowers.

Iron Visa-Fix to your fabric.

{Visa-Fix some might ask . . . . .  . .You know the stuff that melts and sticks two fabrics together before you sew, sort of like hemming tape, but you can get it off the roll. ie in larger pieces.} 
For those of you that have not used it, you get it fabric stores, in my case, the dress fabrics section of Spotlight and it has a backing paper. You iron it your fabric on the paper side and leave the paper attached.

This is the Visa-Fix ironed on.

Trace leaves onto fabric.

Use your template to trace leaves onto backing paper on fabric {remember to place your template on UP SIDE DOWN! so that when you cut it out the fabric will be the same as the leaf on the curtains}

Cut your leaves out of the fabric.

Now you should have a bunch of leaves of varying sizes and colours {depending on your chosen fabric}.

Iron leaves into place on fabric.

Remove the backing paper and place down on your fabric in desired position. Turn iron onto heat setting for the fabric and iron straight onto leaves.

Sew around leaves and berries/flowers.

You can be as creative as you want with your sewing, I used a number 2 zig-zag around the outside and used a straight stitch so sew in vain's. 


If anyone ever makes any I would love to see them!!!

Tash :o)



I have finally finished and hung the curtains.

Well I finally finished the curtains which are the EIVOR tab tops from IKEA and I appliqued some of the leaves and berries/flowers{?} and then I lined them using 1 pass curtain lining from Spotlight {as they were a little thin.}

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER, and you can see the applique process HERE.     

Until next time . . . . . .

Tash :o)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


  I'm 33wks already!!! Where did the time go??

I can't believe in just over 6wks my due date will be upon us, maybe not a baby, or maybe I would have already had it {heres hoping!!} Tho I do have to say that I have been sleeping A LOT better which is great!!

I have nearly finished the curtains too!!! So hopefully later today I will be able to put up a pic of the finished product.

Until then, keep smiling . . .

Tash :o)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Newly 'Organised' Sewing Space!

At 3am the other morning I was wide awake {thanks to the little human growing inside me} so decided to get up and check out some of my favourite blogs {and Pinterest} and I found the The Organised Housewife Blog and her 
'20 days to Organise and Clean your Home Challenge'.  
I don't think I will be quite doing the 20 day challenge, but I did got very inspired to sort my sewing area and drawers!!

You can see both AVE and Hungry Designs Facebook pages here. {you will love them!}
 and Ikea here. 


I started with a selection of Handy Trays, Containers and Zip Lock Bags.

Set of 3 stackable containers $5, Purple and White Handy Trays $3 Set
 all from The Reject Shop

Here is the Before and After shots.

Top Drawer. . . . . 

Middle Drawer. . . . . 

This container was such a good find. {and it was just the right size to fit into the drawer.} 

I was able to get all my things sorted into each of the three trays.

  1. Zips, Ribbon, Velcro and Twine.
  2. Cord, Embroidery Tread and Elastic.
  3. Bias Binding.

Bottom Drawer. . . . .

There are A LOT of unfinished projects in this drawer that I need to add to my 'To Do' list . . . . . 

Tash :o)

Friday, October 26, 2012

We have a veggie garden!

For a while I have wanted a Veggie Garden, but because my husband works away it didn't really seam worth the effort of tending to the growing process for half of it to go to waste. However now that we are only 8wks away from our new addition joining us it seams like as good a time as any to get it started,  Plus I want to make my own baby food. 

This is the space that we are using. It is down the side of our garage and gets nearly all day sun! {which I read that veggie gardens need at least 6hrs of sun a day.}

So we headed off to Masters {LOVE LOVE LOVE} and got the wood that we needed and got to work. . . . 

We ended up getting this decking board as they were out of stock of garden bed sleepers that I wanted, and this was untreated and according to the guy was better than the sleepers "food safe" wise. 

It was 12.7cm wide x 2.5cm thick. {not very suitable if you have a HUGE garden box, but ours is only 2.4 x .5ish, and is bulging a little from all the soil.} 
We went for 3 lengths high, and 2.4m in length.

My handy man pre-drilled and screwed it all together . . . . . {I supervised!}

This is it at the half way point.

And once it was all screwed together, and introduced to it's new home!!

We then rigged up this nifty watering system . . . . .  . {it is also watering all our hanging baskets} 

Next was the hard job of deciding what soil to use, we went to our local Soils R Us and picked the vegetable and garden mix {or something like that}  . . . . . . .

And our garden box comes to life . . . . 

Then it was off to Masters again to pick some plant, I went a little crazy and got a few to many but I gave some away today.
I picked, Corn, Lebanese Cucumber, Broccoli, Mixed lettuce, Carrots, Red Capsicum and Cherry Tomatoes. {oh and a strawberry plant ~ in the big black pot, pictured in the last photo}

We added some sprinkler fittings to the watering system. . . . . . . . .

And last of all, added some homemade compost to the top.

I will take some up date photo's as the plants grow. 
{Which I hope they do, I don't have much of a green finger and this is my first attempt of a veggie garden. . . . . keep your fingers crossed for me!}

Tash :o)

Friday, October 19, 2012


With going on holiday to SUNNY Queensland {which was awesome}

and having uni assignments to do {Today is my last class tho . . .YAY!}, there has been a bit of a stand still with the Nursery DIY.

However here is a little update of a few new touches to the room.

We have a change mat on the dressing table, it is a little big, but will only be on there until the baby is rolling and then I will just use it on the floor. {Im thinking of making a  funky cover for it too, maybe in that cool Michael Miller laminated fabric so that it is still wipeable!!}

We have some shelves above the dressing table/change mat so that we can put wipes, creams etc up there, 
{Or maybe just fun things}.  

Shelves are from Masters

We have some baskets . . . .  .
Also Masters

 How funky is this fabric from Ikea, and a bargain at only $9.95 / metre!!
Awesome for I SPY and learning ha!
{So I got 3m! Probably 2m more than I needed but oh well, I LOVE IT!}

I have decided to cover the chair with it and then add a bright cushion. Then as the years go on {if we still have the chair}, we could slowly colour it in.

{I will keep you posted on the covering of the chair, will probably not happen till after exams.}

And here is me working on the curtains, giving them a 'TASH TOUCH' . . . . 
They are going to look great, but I sometimes get half way through a project and ask myself WHY!! 
{this one is a bit tedious!! But as I said, will look AWESOME in the end!}

Until next time . . .  . Keep Smiling.

Tash :o)