Saturday, June 9, 2012

Creating a fun creative space.

So my latest project {among the many that are not finished} was to create a fun creative space for my step daughter Miss M.
And here it is:

I added some shelves to hold books, colouring-in books, pens etc,
I used two spice racks from Ikea. {$6.95 ea} and I choose to use Command hooks to fix to the wall.

You can use screws, {as it has these fittings on the back to accommodate} but I found that last time they just left a mess on the wall {we have those horrible modern plaster walls that just chip to bits!} and this is a great option if you rent. Plus this way I can remover the hook if I decide to change the room around at some stage.


And the hooks are not too obvious, especially once it has books etc on it.


The fun little pink buckets are also from Ikea {and a bargain at only $0.95 each!!!}. They come in 4 colours also and you can find them with the spice racks in the kitchen section.

Then for the fun display door:

It is really quite easy, all you need is some ribbon {in colours of your choice} I got mine from Spotlight along with the mini pegs and some hooks.

You just thread the ribbon in by the hinges and knot on the inside of the door. Then space you ribbon out to your desired width. {I just did my random but measured each side to ensure it was even.}

I then added a hook just incase the art work becomes to heavy and pulls the ribbon down. {I just did one in the middle, but if you are planning on hanging heavier things I would suggest you do two near the edges of the door rather than one in the middle}

And this is what you have on the outside:

Add your pegs:

And your artwork and you are done!!

Tash :0)


  1. Awesome! Such a cool idea, and great for us novices! ;-p

  2. i'm inspired...spotlight here i come

  3. did you get ikea to deliver from oz to nz?

  4. Hi Mummy,
    I don't think they deliver to NZ, but I am a kiwi living in Perth, and we have an Ikea here which I LOVE!!!