Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bargain Finds!

I have been OP shopping again, and I wanted to share my BARGAIN FINDS with you. . . . . . .

$1.99 each!
I loved this Mickey and Minnie the minute that I saw them, Aren't they so cute, with their "old school" look about them!

I am so in love with this little 'doll size' cane moses basket, I am thinking about making a mattress for the bottom and a little pillow {when I have some spare time that is!}.


O.M.Gosh, $1.99 I could not believe it!  When I walked into my local salvo's and saw this funky shelf {it is actually tiny at only W37cm, H62cm, D19cm}   But the perfect addition to my {Yet to be made} play kitchen that I have been collecting side tables and bits and pieces for. {That will be a uni holiday project where you will get to see the step by step completion . . . . . .  right here!}

It makes me wonder what goodies I miss out on when I'm not in there!

I couldn't resist this guy . . .  He almost has dreads!! I have a thing for wood and also for cars. {Do you think this could have something to do with the Play Mats I paint??} and the cool thing is he 'BOBS' when you pull him along!

An IKEA Moose RRP: $49 . . . . . . . . For $5 Whoo Hoo! 
{Actually I have two so if you are in Perth and want a Moose for $5 {pickup} Then flick me an email! } 

Perfect toy of little hands and will look awesome on the shelf too.

Now all I need is to have a baby!!

Tash :0)

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  1. Wow! What suburb do you Op shop in? I obviously need to get out more because my local Sallies never has it so good! I love the Barn/Dolls house conversion too- awesome!