Friday, October 26, 2012

We have a veggie garden!

For a while I have wanted a Veggie Garden, but because my husband works away it didn't really seam worth the effort of tending to the growing process for half of it to go to waste. However now that we are only 8wks away from our new addition joining us it seams like as good a time as any to get it started,  Plus I want to make my own baby food. 

This is the space that we are using. It is down the side of our garage and gets nearly all day sun! {which I read that veggie gardens need at least 6hrs of sun a day.}

So we headed off to Masters {LOVE LOVE LOVE} and got the wood that we needed and got to work. . . . 

We ended up getting this decking board as they were out of stock of garden bed sleepers that I wanted, and this was untreated and according to the guy was better than the sleepers "food safe" wise. 

It was 12.7cm wide x 2.5cm thick. {not very suitable if you have a HUGE garden box, but ours is only 2.4 x .5ish, and is bulging a little from all the soil.} 
We went for 3 lengths high, and 2.4m in length.

My handy man pre-drilled and screwed it all together . . . . . {I supervised!}

This is it at the half way point.

And once it was all screwed together, and introduced to it's new home!!

We then rigged up this nifty watering system . . . . .  . {it is also watering all our hanging baskets} 

Next was the hard job of deciding what soil to use, we went to our local Soils R Us and picked the vegetable and garden mix {or something like that}  . . . . . . .

And our garden box comes to life . . . . 

Then it was off to Masters again to pick some plant, I went a little crazy and got a few to many but I gave some away today.
I picked, Corn, Lebanese Cucumber, Broccoli, Mixed lettuce, Carrots, Red Capsicum and Cherry Tomatoes. {oh and a strawberry plant ~ in the big black pot, pictured in the last photo}

We added some sprinkler fittings to the watering system. . . . . . . . .

And last of all, added some homemade compost to the top.

I will take some up date photo's as the plants grow. 
{Which I hope they do, I don't have much of a green finger and this is my first attempt of a veggie garden. . . . . keep your fingers crossed for me!}

Tash :o)

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