Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Newly 'Organised' Sewing Space!

At 3am the other morning I was wide awake {thanks to the little human growing inside me} so decided to get up and check out some of my favourite blogs {and Pinterest} and I found the The Organised Housewife Blog and her 
'20 days to Organise and Clean your Home Challenge'.  
I don't think I will be quite doing the 20 day challenge, but I did got very inspired to sort my sewing area and drawers!!

You can see both AVE and Hungry Designs Facebook pages here. {you will love them!}
 and Ikea here. 


I started with a selection of Handy Trays, Containers and Zip Lock Bags.

Set of 3 stackable containers $5, Purple and White Handy Trays $3 Set
 all from The Reject Shop

Here is the Before and After shots.

Top Drawer. . . . . 

Middle Drawer. . . . . 

This container was such a good find. {and it was just the right size to fit into the drawer.} 

I was able to get all my things sorted into each of the three trays.

  1. Zips, Ribbon, Velcro and Twine.
  2. Cord, Embroidery Tread and Elastic.
  3. Bias Binding.

Bottom Drawer. . . . .

There are A LOT of unfinished projects in this drawer that I need to add to my 'To Do' list . . . . . 

Tash :o)

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